Our new vision of sustainability

For A Better World, Knauf Insulation Sustainability Strategy

We have unveiled our new sustainability strategy for Knauf Insulation — inspired by long-term commitments and defined by clear targets for 2025.

After the complex challenges of 2020, we are delighted to announce a bright new vision of positivity — our new long-term sustainability strategy for Knauf Insulation, For A Better World.

The strategy reveals our future ambitions and focuses on four key sustainable goals: putting people first, achieving zero carbon, delivering a circular economy and creating better buildings.

We have made a series of long-term commitments to show how each goal will be achieved and — critically — we have also set concrete short-term targets for 2025 that everyone can start achieving now.

We believe that it is important to set aspirational goals for the long term while also ensuring that in the short term our current leadership is accountable for making progress against these goals to avoid leaving the problem entirely to the next generation.

Our company is defined by sustainability. Our products contribute to saving energy, cutting emissions and are designed to make sure buildings are good for the environment and safe and comfortable for those who use them. 

Solutions such as our ground-breaking ECOSE Technology®, our revolutionary binder with no added formaldehyde, and our green roof solution Urbanscape® have both transformed the market with their eco-credentials.

We are also here to help. We are supporting our customers as they navigate an ever-changing landscape of demanding green building requirements and increasingly stringent environmental regulation. We have the experience and expertise to support our customers to achieve their sustainable ambitions.


We believe sustainability success is a process of Continuous Improvement. Since we started our journey we have consistently worked to reduce our environmental impact and recorded significant achievements (see below). Our new sustainability strategy builds on the success of the past decade.

Energy & Related Emissions Safety Waste  NOx  Water Use
22.7% reduction in energy use Lost Time Accidents reduced by 56% Waste to landfill reduced by 67.3% NOx reduced by 42.7% 39.8% reduction in Water Use
23.2% reduction in related emissions       80.7% reduction in Water Discharge
What's in a name?

We have called our new sustainability strategy ‘For A Better World’ because it builds on the success of our vision: “We lead the change in smarter insulation solutions for a better world.”

For A Better World, Knauf Insulation




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