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By itradmin
May 02, 2013

Knauf Insulation renames its technical insulation division as "Knauf Insulation Technical Solutions".

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With the introduction of the new aluminium-laminated HPS 035 AluR pipe section for domestic installation, Knauf Insulation has taken an important step towards becoming a complete supplier of technical insulation. The last important building block has been put into place, so that Knauf Insulation is now able to offer a comprehensive range of insulation for industrial and domestic installations. At the Novi Marof plant in Croatia, which primarily produces products for technical insulation, a new line has been set up for the production of non-laminated and aluminium-faced pipe sections.

This advance will result in further developments: due to the fact that in many countries, "Process Solutions" - the previous designation of the Knauf Insulation division for technical insulation - is regarded as a synonym for the industrial insulation sub-division, it is time for a change. As an international supplier, Knauf Insulation is meeting the challenges of a market-orientated positioning.

This is a good reason for the division to present itself under the name of "Knauf Insulation Technical Solutions".

In the future, in addition to our products, there will be an increasing focus on solution-orientated approaches.

Knauf Insulation Technical Solutions is also launching its Internet presentation in a new design. Under interested readers can obtain information about the latest developments and products.

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