Knauf Insulation backs campaign for a fire safe Europe

By itradmin
January 28, 2014

Call on members of the European Parliament to tackle fatal regulation differences

Call on members of the European Parliament to tackle fatal regulation differences

In the 21st century most Europeans spend 90% of their time in buildings without even thinking about a death threat that’s as old as time. 


“We take our safety for granted in our homes and offices, but building fire regulations vary dramatically across Europe that’s why Knauf Insulation is supporting the Fire Safety First campaign to urge members and candidate members of the European Parliament to pledge their support to a fire safe Europe,” said Barry Lynham, Group Director of Strategy and Communication at Knauf Insulation.   

Urgent action is needed because European fire safety regulations in buildings are terrifyingly inconsistent. 

For example, the maximum distance to a fire exit regulated by individual European Union member states can range from 30 metres to 60 metres. 

Depending on where you are in Europe that distance could mean the difference between life and death. 

But, incredibly, building fire safety has slipped off Europe’s agenda. Test methods for construction product safety have not been revised since 2002 and the last time the European Commission examined fire safety in hotels was in 1986. 

“Do we really have to wait almost 20 years for action? Every year 90% of European fires occur in buildings with 70,000 people hospitalised as a result of fire injuries,” said Lynham. 

A total of €126 billion or 1% of European GDP is lost to fire damage every year and the human cost is incalculable.

“Fatal fire conditions can occur in the time it takes to read the words above,” said Lynham. “That’s why action needs to be taken now to make Europe safer. And that’s why we are calling on Europe’s Parliamentarians to pledge their support for the Fire Safety First campaign.”

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