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APAC Corporate:

Our mission is to challenge conventional thinking and create innovative insulation solutions that shape the way we live and build in the future, with care for the people who make them, the people who use them and the world we all depend on.

APAC Corporate: Game-changing insulation arrives in 2020

The new Knauf Insulation factory will change the game. Expect innovation. Expect efficiency. Expect extraordinary in 2020!

Annual Review 2018

Knauf Insulation is proud to announce the publication of its 2018 Annual Review — Insulation Matters — a showcase for the company’s pioneering solutions, continuous improvement and customer-focused innovation.

Knauf Values Initiative

Our new Knauf Values are defined as:

• Menschlichkeit
• Partnership
• Commitment
• Entrepreneurship

It's Time To Save Energy

The video provides an overview of how insulation incorporated within commercial buildings can improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions.

Introducing the EcoSeal System

The Knauf Insulation EcoSeal System is the safe, environmentally friendly, affordable way to seal and insulate a home for optimum energy efficiency. The Knauf Insulation EcoSeal System provides thermal and acoustical performance, maximizing indoor comfort and contributing to high indoor air quality. Our water-based elastomeric sealant combines with Knauf's fiber glass batt or blow-in insulation to provide air tightness and R-value in the Knauf EcoSeal Insulation System.

Pre-Insulation Walk-Through - Brian Coble, Director of High Performance Homes for Advanced Energy provides best practices on "Proper Installation of Insulation" as he walks viewers through an ENERGY STAR Home and points out every area of a home that must be insulated to meet RESNET Grade 1 Insulation Installation Requirements. Meeting specific energy efficiency criteria with fiber glass, rock wool and slag wool batt insulation can be easily achieved if the insulation and air sealing package is installed with professionalism and care. Additional energy efficiency measures that need to be performed prior to installing home insulation is also addressed.

Insulating Tips From the Pros - Want to see what a high quality fiber glass, rock wool, or slag wool batt insulation job looks like? Watch award winning and professional insulation contractors demonstrate how to install fiber glass and rock wool batt insulation in all areas of an energy efficient home. Details such as job staging, batt cutting and sizing, installing insulation to meet R-values and building codes, and PPE recommendations are also addressed.

Insulation Inspection - Brian Coble, Director of High Performance Homes for Advanced Energy answers the question: "How do I install insulation?" Homes insulated with fiber glass, rock wool and slag wool batt insulation can meet RESNET Grade 1 insulation criteria when installed with professionalism and care. Walk with Brian Coble, Director of High Performance Homes for Advanced Energy, as he performs a detailed insulation inspection in an ENERGY STAR home. Issues such as batt insulation compression, vapor retarder facings, insulating around light fixtures, pipes, electrical wires, outlets, intricate framing areas, cantilevers, bay windows, corner cavities, band joists, knee walls, attic platforms, soffit dams and baffles, showers and tubs, and much more are covered.